NOBLE DAUGHTERS is a sustainable accessories brand which aims to bridge the past with the present by embracing the beauty of antique textiles with traditional craft techniques.

Our vision:

At the heart of NOBLE DAUGHTERS lies a commitment to sustainability and responsible production. We recognise the potential lying dormant in existing materials from the fashion and interiors industry, as well as vintage and antique textiles. Rather than letting these materials languish in obscurity, we lovingly repurpose them, giving new life to forgotten fabrics. This innovative approach not only reduces waste but also contributes to the unique character of our collections.

The process of creation is a labor of love, executed by a small team of skilled craftswomen who ensure that the artistry of hand embroidery, quilting, hand-painting, appliqué and beadwork continues to flourish. With a deep-rooted connection to the past and a vision for a better future, their hands bring forth the stories woven into each accessory.


Our environment:

Nestled within a charming village on the rugged North-West coast of Ireland, NOBLE DAUGHTERS design and production studio is a tribute to the area's rich heritage crafts and textile legacy. This picturesque location serves as a constant source of inspiration for the team as they blend the skills of the past with contemporary design sensibilities.