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The Delaunay pouch takes its name from one of our founders' favourite artists, and showcases a mosaic-style pattern reminiscent of Delaunay's art and textile works.


- This unique bag has been crafted using a 1920s textile made from the smoothest silk velvet, adding to its distinctive and artistic appearance.

- Limited edition, we only made TWO of this design ensuring that you'll own a genuinely rare and standout piece.

- Fully lined with a soft black silk velvet. 

- Rounded base making for a pleasing pouch shape. 

- Magnetic popper closure on a thick elasticated opening. 

- Soft velvet straps in a nice aged green. 

COMPOSITION: Silk velvet outer and lining / brushed velvet straps. 

REUSE & RECREATE: The textiles we use in our collections come from a range of sources which aim to reduce our environmental impact. We primarily use vintage and antique textiles. We also utilise salvaged and remnant fabrics from the fashion and interiors industry. As well as deadstock fabrics for lining.

As such, there may be small imperfections or blemishes in the fabric. We believe this is part of the appeal of buying a unique, handcrafted product, and we celebrate the idiosyncrasies. Any significant issues will be noted on the product listing.

CARE DETAILS: We recommend dry cleaning on all of our products. Velvet doesn't love the rain, so please take care in wet weather and make sure to keep the bag covered. 

Avoid Overloading: Do not fill your bags beyond their capacity. This can strain the seams and straps. The Delauney bag will make a perfect everyday bag for books, phone, iPads. Or take it on a night out and show it the town. 

MEASUREMENTS: 18-30cm Elasticated top / 29cm Base / 30cm Height / 29cm Strap