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The Bute Bag derives its name from the Gaelic where "Bute" signifies a "patchwork of land" or "pieces of land." It's a name that encapsulates the essence of this unique bag,  which has been pieced together with salvaged materials.

We have only made ONE of this design, ensuring you will own a truly rare and standout piece. 


- This oversized yet functional pillow tote, features silk satins and upholstery fabrics which have been combined using appliqué techniques. Our signature quilting adds volume and texture.

- The bag's standout feature is its floral appliqué. Playful hand embroidery & beading brings the stigma to life, whilst ivory silk forms the delicate petals.

- Practicality meets elegance inside, with a medium weight cotton lining and a large internal pocket which has been divided into sections for easy organisation. 

- The bag closes with an internal magnetic popper. The straps are plushy to hold but strong and durable. The strap length allows for wear both over the shoulder or on the arm. 

This bag makes an ideal companion for a weekend getaway. It offers ample space to accommodate all your overnight essentials, and its versatility allows you to use it during the day with a lighter load.


- Brushed cotton velvet (Cut from antique curtains)

- 100% Silk (deadstock) 

- Repurposed upholstery fabric - Chenille

- Cotton twill lining (deadstock) 

REUSE & RECREATE: The textiles we use in our collections come from a range of sources which aim to reduce our environmental impact. We primarily use vintage and antique textiles. We also utilise salvaged and remnant fabrics from the fashion and interiors industry. As well as deadstock fabrics for lining.

As such, there may be small imperfections or blemishes in the fabric. We believe this is part of the appeal of buying a unique, handcrafted product, and we celebrate the idiosyncrasies. Any significant issues will be noted on the product listing.

CARE DETAILS: We recommend dry cleaning on all of our products. Velvet doesn't love the rain, so please take care in wet weather and make sure to keep the bag covered. 

Avoid Overloading: Do not fill your bags beyond their capacity. This can strain the seams and straps. Our velvet totes are great for clothing and smaller everyday essentials. 

MEASUREMENTS: 69cm Main body width / 45cm Height / 15cm Deep / 15cm Base Depth / 53cm Strap